32 Linden Avenue, 1943-1965

32 Linden Avenue is perched high up on a hill overlooking a small town in western Pennsylvania and is the heart of this evocative journey through the author's fragmented memories of Appalachia. The murmuring of the women, the love and everyday lives of those living in the hard hill country and then the drenching of those memories in the deep hushed and hovering Protestant faith of that time and that place is woven into a spell drenched in the detailed memories of everyday life.

A child, temporarily separated from her father and mother and brother by fate, found magic and succor, and most of all enduring love. The young mother sees the same magic through older eyes and in the midst of the pain of her mothers final illness and bitter frustrated life is, as when a child, comforted by her family from the hill. Haunted throughout her life, the author sees all this from even older eyes and vows that her children, and now grandchildren, shall not be deprived of the chance to seize meaning and beauty and, thus, comfort from these remembrances.


Late Bronze Age Stories

"I could see that the editing was impeccable, closely attuned to the poetry of the sentences."

- Fred Shafer, Lecturer in the School of
Continuing Studies at Northwestern

Thutmose is a historical figure about whom nothing is known except his art works (the Nefertiti bust) and his name. He and his mate Hasna and their histories are the creation myths for their descendants.

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The series explores the roles and problems of being an artist and because many of the artists are female, of gender.

As well, it explores the stories and strategies of the warriors and traders who protect and hold the kin together in a time of great change and destruction. Seeking safety, they must wander throughout the ancient world, to Minos, to Ugarit (Syria) and then along the trade routes in what is now Iraq and was then Mesopotamia. Always the kin are attracted to the Egypt of Thutmose which was their first home.


Book Club Chronicles

Parts 1 - 8

Set in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, this contemporary series explores the friendships and lives of a group of ladies who meet to study books.

Parts 1 and 2 are framed with the study of The Tale of Genji which was written by a woman in Heian Japan (circa 1200). In Part 3 they study Romeo and Juliet. Then in Parts 4 and 5 they take on Macbeth and Hamlet. In Part 6 it's The Tempest.

The friends of the core group have known each other in many stages of their lives - small children, baseball games, teenage years, dying husbands, romances that either work or don't, retirement from professions or jobs.

They learn from the books they study, learn from each other, take care of each other in hard times, and try to stay mentally alive and sane in an unpredictable world.


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